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Data rescue of DELL PowerEdge servers

data rescue DELL PowerEdge Server
data rescue DELL PowerVault SAN

Even though RAID storage solutions are designed for continuous operation, the installed SAS hard disks can suffer physical defects or software issues. Due to many years of experience in the area of RAID data rescue, the technicians of Attingo data rescue have detailed specialist knowledge.

DELL PowerEdge server RAID level

Our engineers recover data from DELL storage RAID servers on a daily basis, irrespective of the utilised RAID level and the degree of virtualisation. Attingo is the leading provider of data rescue services of enterprise storage systems in virtualised environments due to continuous research and development.

In only very seldom cases (<1%), the data recovery of a DELL PowerEdge server or of a DELL PowerVault NAS is not possible due to fatal damage of the hard disks. Attempts performed by the customer himself can have the effect that a data rescue is only partially possible or in the worst case cannot be performed at all. Generally the following applies: the fewer attempts are made, the greater the chances are that the data can be fully recovered and a data rescue is successful. This also applies to databases and virtual machines.

Please observe the following steps in the case of failed RAID systems

  • Avoid performing a restart in order to prevent automatic rebuilds.
  • Turn off the server immediately and disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Carefully label all hard disks of the RAID system with their respective position (slot number) and additionally label the hard disk that the controller has marked as defective.
  • Specify the exact model designation of the DELL server (e.g. Dell PowerEdge R620).
  • Under no circumstances open the storage media. This could make the data rescue considerably more difficult.
  • Do not install additional applications on the RAID system.

Data rescue and data analysis

Contact us for individual advice and an estimate of the costs, which depending on the work required, the damage that has occurred and the selected processing model. Additionally, we will handle your case from the pick-up until the delivery of the recovered data and will keep you up-to-date on the developments. In urgent cases, we are available around the clock for any questions you might have.

Common RAID controllers

DELL Soft-RAID Controller


DELL Hardware RAID Controller

PERC 6/i

DELL HBA RAID Controller


Attingo Datarescue

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Dataloss on a DELL Server?

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Excerpt of supported models

Dell Datarecovery Attingo’s technicians routinely successfully reconstruct data from these and other models. In the case of an emergency data rescue, the case will be handled around the clock – even on weekends and bank holidays.

Datarecovery of DELL PowerEdge Rack-Server

PowerEdge R200
PowerEdge R210
PowerEdge R210 II
PowerEdge R220
PowerEdge R300
PowerEdge R310
PowerEdge R320
PowerEdge R410
PowerEdge R415
PowerEdge R420
PowerEdge R430
PowerEdge R510
PowerEdge R515
PowerEdge R520
PowerEdge R530
PowerEdge R610
PowerEdge R620
PowerEdge R630
PowerEdge R710
PowerEdge R715
PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge R720xd
PowerEdge R730
PowerEdge R730xd
PowerEdge R805
PowerEdge R810
PowerEdge R820
PowerEdge R815
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R905
PowerEdge R910
PowerEdge R920
PowerEdge R930

Datarecovery of DELL PowerEdge Tower-Server

PowerEdge T20
PowerEdge T100
PowerEdge T105
PowerEdge T110
PowerEdge T110 II
PowerEdge T300
PowerEdge T310
PowerEdge T320
PowerEdge T410
PowerEdge T420
PowerEdge T430
PowerEdge T610
PowerEdge T620
PowerEdge T710

Datarecovery of DELL PowerEdge Blade-Server

PowerEdge M420
PowerEdge M520
PowerEdge M600
PowerEdge M605
PowerEdge M610
PowerEdge M610x
PowerEdge M620
PowerEdge M630
PowerEdge M710
PowerEdge M710HD
PowerEdge M805
PowerEdge M820
PowerEdge M905
PowerEdge M910
PowerEdge M915
PowerEdge M1000e

Datarecovery of DELL PowerEdge C Series Rack-Server

PowerEdge C1100
PowerEdge C2100
PowerEdge C410x
PowerEdge C4130
PowerEdge C5000
PowerEdge C5125
PowerEdge C5220
PowerEdge C6100
PowerEdge C6105
PowerEdge C6145
PowerEdge C6220
PowerEdge C6220 II
PowerEdge C8000
PowerEdge C8000XD
PowerEdge C8220
PowerEdge C8220X

Datarecovery of DELL PowerEdge Server

PowerEdge 1300
PowerEdge 1400SC
PowerEdge 1420SC
PowerEdge 1425SC
PowerEdge 1430SC
PowerEdge 1500SC
PowerEdge 1550
PowerEdge 1600SC
PowerEdge 1650
PowerEdge 1655MC
PowerEdge 1750
PowerEdge 1800
PowerEdge 1850
PowerEdge 1855
PowerEdge 1900
PowerEdge 1950
PowerEdge 1955
PowerEdge 2100
PowerEdge 2200
PowerEdge 2300
PowerEdge 2400
PowerEdge 2450
PowerEdge 2500
PowerEdge 2550
PowerEdge 2600
PowerEdge 2650
PowerEdge 2800
PowerEdge 2850
PowerEdge 2900
PowerEdge 2950
PowerEdge 2970
PowerEdge 300SC
PowerEdge 3250
PowerEdge 350
PowerEdge 4100
PowerEdge 4200
PowerEdge 420SC
PowerEdge 4300
PowerEdge 430SC
PowerEdge 4350
PowerEdge 4400
PowerEdge 440SC
PowerEdge 4600
PowerEdge 500SC
PowerEdge 600SC
PowerEdge 6100
PowerEdge 6300
PowerEdge 6350
PowerEdge 6400
PowerEdge 650
PowerEdge 6600
PowerEdge 6650
PowerEdge 6800
PowerEdge 6850
PowerEdge 6950
PowerEdge 700
PowerEdge 7150
PowerEdge 7250
PowerEdge 750
PowerEdge 800
PowerEdge 830
PowerEdge 840
PowerEdge 8450
PowerEdge 850
PowerEdge 860

Datarecovery of DELL PowerVault Fibre Channel Storages

PowerVault MD3200i
PowerVault MD3220i
PowerVault MD3600f
PowerVault MD3620f

Datarecovery of DELL PowerVault NAS

PowerVault 700N
PowerVault 701N
PowerVault 705N
PowerVault 715N
PowerVault 720N
PowerVault 725N
PowerVault 735N
PowerVault 740N
PowerVault 745N
PowerVault 750N
PowerVault 755N
PowerVault 760N
PowerVault 770N
PowerVault 775N
PowerVault NX200
PowerVault NX300
PowerVault NX3000
PowerVault NX3100
PowerVault NX3500
PowerVault NX4

Datarecovery of DELL PowerVault DAS

Powervault MD1000
PowerVault MD1200
PowerVault MD1220
Powervault MD3000
Powervault MD3000i
Powervault MD3420

Datarecovery of DELL EqualLogic

EqualLogic PS6500E
EqualLogic PS6500x
EqualLogic PS6010E
EqualLogic PS6010X
EqualLogic PS6010XV
EqualLogic PS6010XVS
EqualLogic PS6510E
EqualLogic PS6510X
EqualLogic FS7500
EqualLogic PS4110E
EqualLogic PS4110X
EqualLogic PS4110XV
EqualLogic PS6110
EqualLogic PS6110E
EqualLogic PS6110S
EqualLogic PS6110X
EqualLogic PS6110XS
EqualLogic PS6110XV
EqualLogic PS4100E
EqualLogic PS4100X
EqualLogic PS4100XV
EqualLogic PS4100XVS
EqualLogic PS6100E
EqualLogic PS6100S
EqualLogic PS6100X
EqualLogic PS6100XS
EqualLogic PS6100XV