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Data recovery of RAID5 arrays

RAID5 data rescue of hard disks

The advantage of RAID 5 are higher access speeds and the redundancy of a hard disk. This means that a storage medium can fail completely without data being lost while the system will continue to operate in the degraded mode. This is achieved by means of a parity calculation via XOR, however, the distribution of data to the individual hard disks in the system is not standardized.

Attingo’s research and development department has reverse-engineered practically all controllers (stripe size, order, parity run, etc.) and as a result of this, can simulate the RAID controller virtually.

In order to be able fully recover data in the case of failures in RAID 5 systems, the exact details on the error are very important.

Common reasons for failure

  • Two or more hard disks have failed simultaneously.
  • Aborted rebuild: A single read error on an additional hard disk can cause the cancellation of the process.
  • Malfunction of the RAID controller: No error message was generated informing the user that a hard disk was already faulty.
RAID 5 datarecovery Adaptec Controller RAID 5 Degraded
RAID 5 datarescue, Adaptec Controller RAID 5 degraded

Typische Fehlermeldungen

  • Data recovery from "RAID5 offline"
  • Data rescue after "RAID5 critical"
  • Data reconstruction in case of error "Drive missing"
  • Recovery of "DISK failed"
  • Reconstruction "none RAID5"
  • Rescuing in case of "dead devices"
  • Data rescue from "no devices found"
  • Reconstruction "inactive md, md0, mdadm"

Attingo is specialized in the data rescue and data recovery of failed RAID5 arrays. Our technical department has already reverse-engineered practically every RAID controller and has a great deal of knowledge
  • On the internal system structures (e.g. controller firmware),
  • On the RAID algorithms (e.g. sequence of the RAID 5 parity),
  • On the behaviour of RAID controllers,
  • Irrespective of the operating system or the file system.
RAID 5 data rescue

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