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Data rescue – all media and storages

Attingo has been a leading provider of data rescue services for more than 20 years. High-tech clean room laboratories in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

Professional data rescue

Irrespective of the severity of the damage – the engineers of Attingo data rescue will recover the lost data with procedures that have been developed in-house and are continuously used for successful recoveries.
Datarescue Cleanroom Harddisk Heads

Hard disks, SSD

The rescuing defective hard disks and SSDs done in our clean room laboratories in Europe.
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Datarecovery Server, RAID, NAS

Server, RAID, NAS

Attingo is specialized in RAID data rescue, server data rescue and NAS data rescue.
Enterprise data rescue
Data rescue RAID hard disks


We have years of experience in the reconstrucion of virtualized systems.
Virtual data rescue
Datarescue cleanroom engineer

Physical data rescue

Defective media are only opened by trained and qualified engineers in the clean room laboratory. There the write/read heads are replaced, the magnetic disks are transplanted and surface damage is analysed.
More information can be found under physical data rescue.
Datarescue hard disk diagnosis

Logical data rescue

Continuous research and extensive knowledge on the organisation and structure of RAID controllers, data systems and databases enable our engineers to perform the data reconstruction even in seemingly hopeless cases. More information can be found under logical data rescue.
data recovery servercenter Rackserver

Data rescue on-site

If necessary, our engineers are also available for assignment directly on-site at the customer. On-site, the damage is evaluated and the person in charge is informed on the procedure for the data recovery.
More information can be found under on-site data rescue.
datarescue industry

Data rescue of proprietary systems

These can be found in embedded systems, among others in medical equipment, CNC machines or device controls. Proprietary file formats are also often used. Attingo reverse-engineers such systems.
More information can be found under proprietary systems.
datarescue microscope readhead

Computer forensics

Among others, Attingo works with courts, experts and the police. We read out the data of intentionally destroyed storage media and reverse-engineer recording formats of surveillance systems.
More details can be found under computer forensics.

Your next steps

Assistance in the case of data loss

In most cases, data loss leads to a state of emergency. Please contact us! Our job is to reduce the damage you experience resulting from data loss to a minimum.

Our specialists will assist you
your contact person: Sebastian Evers
your contact person
Sebastian Evers

customer support
phone: +49 40 54 88 75 60

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Data rescue in High Priority 24/7

In the case of data loss, you can reach us from Mon-Sun, 0-24 hours. Qualified engineers will handle your data rescue case around the clock.

24/7 data rescue
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Datarescue in our own clean rooms

Own cleanroom laboratory. Attingo Datarescue: Made in Austria.

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